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                                     SOME HELPFUL HINTS TO CARING FOR YOUR CHILDREN'S TEETH:

For those who have a new baby- Be sure to wipe your baby's gums with a small washcloth or gauze pad after each feeding.  This will help clear away food residue & stimulate the gums.  When the baby's teeth start coming in, use a small soft-bristled wet toothbrush to clean them.

Nursing bottle syndrome -  To prevent decay, avoid giving your baby a bottle filled with milk, formula or juice for long periods of time or when they go to bed at night.  Extended exposure to the sugar in these liquids can cause teeth to discolor and decay.  Instead, fill the bottle with water at bedtime.

Begin dental visits early  -The ADA of Pediatric Dentistry recommends that your child see a dentist by his or her first birthday.  That way they will become familiar with the surroundings & sounds of a dental office so they will not be afraid. 

When to teach your child to brush - Children are usually ready to learn how to brush their teeth by age  or 3.  But you will have to brush any spots they missed.  Due to the dexterity ​they will need to be supervised until about age 7.

​Children's Nutrition and Teeth 

Good eating habits that begin in early childhood can go a long way to ensuring a lifetime of good oral health. 

Children should eat foods rich in calcium and other kinds of minerals, as well as a healthy balance of the essential food groups like vegetables, fruits, dairy products, poultry and meat. Fluoride supplements may be helpful if you live in a community without fluoridated water, but consult with our office first. (Be aware that sugars are even found in some kinds of condiments, as well as fruits and even milk.) 

Allowing your children to eat excessive amounts of junk food (starches and sugars)-including potato chips, cookies, crackers, soda, even artificial fruit roll-ups and granola bars-only places them at risk for serious oral health problems down the road, including obesity, osteoporosis and diabetes. The carbonation found in soda, for example, can actually erode tooth enamel. Encourage your child to use a straw when drinking soda; this will help keep at least some of the carbonated beverage away from the teeth. 


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​Baby teeth chart:    Tooth emerges    Falls out


A. Central Incisors       6-10 mos.       7-8 yrs.
B. Lateral Incisors       8-12 mos.       8-9 yrs.
C. Canines                  16-20 mos.     11-12 yrs.
D. 1st Molars              11-18 mos.       9-11 yrs.
E. 2nd Molars              20-30 mos       9-12 yrs.



A. Central Incisors        5-8 mos.         6-7 yrs.
B. Lateral Incisors        7-10 mos.       7-8 yrs.
C. Canines                   16-20 mos.      9-11 yrs.
D. 1st Molars               11-18 mos.     10-12 yrs.
E. 2nd Molars              20-30 mos.     11-13 yrs.